Eleven Rules for Engaging Students' Brains

I am not a scientist.  I'm a regular teacher who does regular teacher-y things.  Like taking classes to learn to be a better teacher, and reading articles, books and blogs. 

 The only thing that I am an expert on is what works in my own classroom.  That's it.  I've spent years figuring this out.  No one knows this better than I do.  This is because:

I have made it my goal to try to teach 
the way kids learn. 

This means taking the time to figure our how their brains work!  So here is my list of 11 Rules for Engaging Students' Brains.  I'm printing it out and keeping it close while I teach, because I need constant reminding!
(That's the way MY brain works.) 
I hope it can help you, as well.  
Light Bulbs and Laughter - Eleven Rules for Engaging Students' Brains
 You can download these FREE posters 
from TpT by clicking HERE.
Light Bulbs and Laughter - Eleven Rules for Engaging Students' Brains

Light Bulbs and Laughter - Eleven Rules for Engaging Students' Brains

Happy Teaching,



  1. Your blog is amazing!!!! As a 3rd grade teacher (and a newer educator), I love finding new ways to reach my students. Thank you thank you thank you =)

    1. Thanks, Meghan! I'm so happy to hear that! Isn't third grade the best?

  2. Thanks so much. My brain needs this to remind me too!

  3. I just found this post on Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE your blog! I'm glad I found you. (I'm a TBTS blogger, too!)

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. Sally, thanks for the comment! I had to go check out your blog, and I'm so glad I did! I'm following you, and I can't believe how much we have in common... I'll be leaving a comment on your blog about it =)


  5. Growth Mindset + Cultures of Learning and Visible Thinking Strategies (Harvard's Project Zero), The PYP Learner Profile and Attitudes as well as parent education on all the above is an amazing combination for the classroom.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful poster.

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