Free Multiplication Practice Game - For Bigger Numbers

A few months ago I made a fun multiplication partner practice game for my students.  It uses two regular dice, which means that students are only practicing from 1x1 to 6x6.  They loved it!  I posted it as a freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers, thinking that I would soon figure out how to make one for bigger numbers.  Then life became super busy, as it always does...

Then last week I had a TpT customer ask a question... would I please make one for 7x7 to 12x12?  This teacher already had some dice to use.  Befuddled, I had to think about that for a while (in my defense, it was parent - teacher conference week, and I was distracted).  Where was I going to get dice like that?  Then I went rummaging through my classroom cabinets and came up with these!!
I grabbed my favorite new Sharpie (it clicks open and closed!!) and started writing on them.
And voila!  There you have it.  Dice to use for the bigger multiplication numbers.  Another way to make these is to put small stickers over regular dice, and write on the stickers.

So I made several copies of the new game, threw them into page protectors, and tried them out in my classroom.  The game was a hit, as you can see.
Some students prefer playing with game tokens (these came with our old math curriculum).
Other students prefer using dry erase markers.  Each player is allowed to choose his or her own color from my white board marker stash, which makes this quite popular.

So I must say thank you to Cyndy, who have me the figurative kick in the pants that I needed to get this done!  We are getting close to testing season, and activities like these are perfect for centers when I am working with a small group.  Yay!

Happy multiplication practice,