The Star Spangled Banner's Birthday!

On September 14, 1814,  Francis Scott Key was on an enemy ship in Baltimore Harbor, and had just watched a 25 hour battle in which the British attempted to capture Fort McHenry.

They did not succeed.  When dawn came, he was able to see the huge American flag flying above the fort.  Overcome with emotion, he found an envelope and began to write on it.  Those words have become the National Anthem of the United States of America.

I love teaching about the Star Spangled banner!  It was huge.  It was also unique, being the only U.S. flag that had 15 stripes instead of 13.  I love the vocabulary... words like ramparts and gallantly and perilous.  They're beautiful, and so full of meaning.  Our students need to know these words.  They need to know that they live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Star Spangled Banner Poster from Light Bulbs and Laughter
Star Spangled Banner Coloring page/Cloze Activity from Light Bulbs and Laughter
September 14, 2014 was the 200th birthday of the Star Spangled Banner.  To celebrate this occasion, I made a poster for my classroom with the lyrics, and a coloring page/cloze activity to help students learn the words.   These are a FREE download on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Just click on either picture to download them both!

I like to play videos of different people preforming the song while the students fill in the blanks.  Youtube has many to choose from, but be careful of ads and strange suggestions in the sidebar!   If you would like to play them directly from Pinterest, you can access my board Teaching about the USA.  Play them from there, or repin them to your own account.

Star Spangled Banner Flip Book on TpT from Light Bulbs and Laughter
I've also made a paid product, a flip book that tells the story, teaches the vocabulary, lets students put the song into their own words, and has them draw the Star Spangled Banner.  Click on the picture to check it out.  It is appropriate for third through fifth grade.

Our school is having a HUGE event on to celebrate this 200th Birthday.  We'll be on the local news and everything =)  I'll post some pictures in a few days.

Happy Teaching,


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