How To Post a Classroom Request on Donors Choose

 Donors Choose is an amazing resource for public school classroom teachers!  We never seem to have everything we need in the classroom... and Donors Choose has companies and individuals who want to help.  What could be better?

Whether you are in desperate need of calculators or markers, or you're dreaming of chromebooks, iPads, or flexible seating, it's possible to get them with just a little bit of time and effort.  I'm here to show you how.

Before we begin, let me say that I have been made a Teacher Ambassador for Donors Choose.  That means that if you make an account and post your first project because of this post, I am authorized to make the first donation to your request!  Granted, it's only $5.00, but every little bit helps.  To receive this donation, contact me via email (on the first and last picture) and let me know.

I encourage you to take the time to read through this post, and then follow the directions.  Look around on the site.  Look, especially, at what other teachers have written about their classrooms and at what they are asking for.  We can learn so much from each other!

Okay, time to get started...

 These numbers change every day!  These are correct as of early April, 2018.


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