Mixing Up My Ingredients For Teaching

I love to bake.  Cooking, not so much.  Give me a recipe for homemade bread, zweibach, or cobbler, or some amazing cookies, and I'm there.  I am very methodical in the kitchen - I get out all the ingredients first, and clean up as I go (this drives my husband crazy, by the way).  I have a method.

Today I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo from her Sugar and Spice Blog.  She's asking the question, "What are your teaching ingredients?"  I had never thought about it in quite that way.  Here's what I came up with.
Light Bulbs and Laughter - My Ingredients for Teaching

Now that I made this... I realize that I could have added so many more ingredients!  What are your ingredients for teaching?  Do they look anything like mine?  Link up here to let me know!


Happy Teaching,


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